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Russian wins at home

Russian wins at home

Hosts sweep through Four Nations Tournament

Published 24.11.2016 17:53 GMT+1 | Author Martin Merk
Russian wins at home
Russia beat Sweden in the deciding game of the Four Nations Tournament in November. Photo: Francois Laplante / HHOF-IIHF Images
A U18 women’s tournament with some of the top European countries took place in Dmitrov in the Moscow Region and ended with Russia winning on home ice.

The Russians had a great start blanking eventual runner-up Finland 4-0 in front of 1,560 fans and beat Germany by the same result one day later. It was tighter in the last game against Sweden, which remained in the race for tournament win as well. Alyona Starovoitova gave Russia the lead with two goals midway through the game. The Swedes battled until the end of the game but Russian goalie Valeria Merkusheva was strong and the Swedes didn’t get more than Maja Nyhlen-Persson’s 2-1 goal with 2:04 left in regulation time.

The Russians won the tournament and had the top-four scorers including Tatyana Shatalova as scoring leader (2+3=5) and Starovoitova (3+1=4) as top goal scorer.

Finland beat Sweden 2-1 thanks to Kiia Nousiainen’s OT winner to claim second place ahead of their Nordic rivals and winless Germany.

In another tournament Slovakia won its home tournament in Prievidza. After starting with a 12-2 win over Italy the Slovaks surprised against the only top-division country at the event and beat Switzerland 3-1 before ending the tournament with a 3-2 overtime victory against Austria.

The line with Rahel Enzler (1+6), Lisa Ruedi (3+3) and Noemi Ryhner (4+1) shone for Switzerland and claimed the top-three spots in scoring but didn’t manage to beat Slovak goalie Adriana Stofankova more than once.

U18 Women's Four Nations Tournament in Russia
4 Nov.   Dmitrov (RUS)   Germany  -  Sweden 0-3
4 Nov.   Dmitrov (RUS)   Russia  -  Finland 4-0
5 Nov.   Dmitrov (RUS)   Sweden  -  Finland 1-2 OT
5 Nov.   Dmitrov (RUS)   Germany  -  Russia 0-4
6 Nov.   Dmitrov (RUS)   Finland  -  Germany 3-0
6 Nov.   Dmitrov (RUS)   Russia  -  Sweden 2-1
Standings: 1. Russia 9, 2. Sweden 6, 3. Finland 3, 4. Germany 0
U18 Women's Four Nations Tournament in Slovakia
4 Nov.   Prievidza (SVK)   Austria  -  Switzerland 2-4
4 Nov.   Prievidza (SVK)   Slovakia  -  Italy 12-2
5 Nov.   Prievidza (SVK)   Italy  -  Austria 1-5
5 Nov.   Prievidza (SVK)   Slovakia  -  Switzerland 3-1
6 Nov.   Prievidza (SVK)   Switzerland  -  Italy 5-2
6 Nov.   Prievidza (SVK)   Slovakia  -  Austria 3-2 OT
Standings: 1. Slovakia 8, 2. Switzerland 6, 3. Austria 4, 4. Italy 0


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